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Introduction: Drippy Carts and their associated brand, SoCal Dabbers, have gained attention in the black market vape industry. However, their products are untested, unlicensed, and pose serious safety risks to consumers. Let’s delve into the concerning facts behind this black market operation and shed light on the potential dangers associated with their products.

  1. Boldly Operating in Orange County, California: SoCal Dabbers proudly advertises their affiliation with the black market vape brand, Drippy Carts. Their website leaves no doubt about their intentions, boldly promoting their products and even displaying a Google Maps layout without a specific address. This brazen approach raises questions about their legitimacy and commitment to consumer safety.
  2. Widespread Availability Through Illicit Channels: Drippy Cart are widely sold through various black market fronts, showcasing the brand’s association with illegal activities. Numerous websites dedicated to selling black-market vape cartridges feature Drippy Carts prominently. Additionally, we discovered an unusual connection to Jefe Photography, a seemingly innocent freelance photography business that prominently displays black-market THC vape cartridges as their only “works” and “clients.”
  3. Suspicious Positive Reviews on Reddit: In our investigation, we uncovered suspicious Reddit accounts promoting Drippy Carts and SoCal Dabbers. One account, u/MOSFED, ardently defends the brand’s authenticity, claiming frequent lung tests to vouch for the product’s safety. However, further scrutiny reveals that these accounts exhibit signs of astroturf marketing, casting doubt on the legitimacy of positive reviews and endorsements.
  4. Violation of California Packaging Regulations: SoCal Dabbers’ disregard for California’s THC packaging regulations is evident in their packaging designs, which attractively mimic candy and use cartoon imagery. Such packaging tactics are not only illegal but also pose a potential risk of enticing children. Compliance with packaging regulations is crucial to ensuring consumer safety, and the flouting of these laws raises concerns about the brand’s commitment to responsible practices.
  5. Unregulated and Unsafe: The use of unlicensed and unregulated brands like Drippy Carts poses serious health risks. The ongoing lung illness crisis associated with black-market vape cartridges highlights the dangers of consuming untested products. With no oversight, these cartridges may contain harmful substances such as heavy metals, pesticides, or undisclosed cutting agents. The potential consequences range from serious health issues to even fatal outcomes.


Conclusion: SoCal Dabbers and their brand, Drippy Cart, epitomize the dangers of the black market vape industry. Their unlicensed and untested products, along with their blatant disregard for regulations, present serious risks to consumers’ health and well-being. It is crucial for consumers to be aware of these dangers and choose safe, legal alternatives. Together, we can expose and combat the illicit vape market, ensuring a safer future for all.